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But the evidence of the legal strategy was pretty compelling. And in recent weeks, in the aftermath of the Hogan verdict, there have been a spate of new lawsuits brought against Gawker that are unrelated to the Hogan case.

Now sure enough, this evening Forbes reported that the bankroller of the Hogan suit is none other than Peter Thiel , a prominent Silicon Valley billionaire who styles himself a libertarian but somewhat incongruously is a big time supporter of Donald Trump in addition to numerous other right wing causes, most of which have a distinctly Randian cast.

Regardless of his politics, this news should disturb everyone.

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Mother Jones had a lawsuit like this , clearly intended to bleed them dry through endless legal expenses. They won, though at a steep cost. But when bully plutocrats do so in their own name there is at least a self-correcting dynamic at work. A plaintiff in a libel suit opens him or herself up to reputational harm and highly intrusive legal discovery which is often enough to scare people away. It all comes down to a simple point.

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You may not like Gawker. If this is the new weapon in the arsenal of the super rich, few publications will have the resources or the death wish to scrutinize them closely. By Josh Marshall. That action plan included promoting six of his staffers to managing partners; they now share Denton's role at the top of the organization.

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Most business decisions between the seven leaders are now made in a massive group text messaging chain. From a revenue perspective, things at Gawker have never been better.

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Even Gizmodo, which has stumbled, has played an integral role in the company's e-commerce efforts. Gawker's e-commerce product, headed up by long-time employee Erin Pettigrew, primarily places affiliate links in articles about products that can be purchased on sites like Amazon. Skimlinks helps Gawker monetize this referral traffic. This past Saturday, an Amazon Prime promotion Gawker ran generated 25, subscriptions. Gawker's revenue over the past few years.

Gawker's successor Splinter to shut down after 2 years

E-commerce became meaningful during Gawker Media. Denton has never raised traditional capital from a venture firm or corporation, but his plan does include raising millions of dollars of debt from a few banks and funds.

And he promises Gawker will still be "beholden to no one. The cash will be used to further growth and continue transforming Gawker from a publisher into a platform like Twitter or Facebook. Kinja, which turns every commenter into a blogger, was one innovative attempt to turn Gawker into a platform.


Gawker's successor Splinter to shut down after 2 years

He also wants to experiment with new ways to seed, test, and spread content online. I'm not sorry for that.

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For ten years, I've danced with this octopus," Denton wrote honestly to his staffers. These are six people I can confide in. I am happy to share power with them.